otaru prenup photo shoot in autumn

Professional Team

We are a team of professional photographers, coordinators and hair-makeup stylists.

Our friendly photography team will make your shoot very enjoyable.

Traditional Japan

The Japanese bridal kimono experience is very impressive. 

Bridal kimono in a snowy landscape is very beautiful.

We invite you to experience our bridal kimonos.

Niseko Winter prenup photo shooting
Hokkaido photographer

Impressive Locations

A lot of great scenery that we know because we are a local team.

We take care of the image you want to capture and take pictures that are unique to Hokkaido.

Special Photographic Experiences in Hokkaido

Leave a pleasant memory of your trip.

We invite you to capture not only impressive but also fun photos.

Those photos bring back memories of a fun trip.

Otaru bridal &wedding kimono photo shoot
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Locations photo shooting
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