Which language is available?

English or Japanese

How can we apply for a tour?

Please contact us by contact form. We will reply you in 2 to 3 business days.

When can we choose the gown?

Please have a fitting day before your shooting day. Our dress shop is located in Sapporo.

Can we cancel if the shooting day is bad weather?

No. We encourage you to set aside a back-up day in case of inclement weather.

How many people will join our photo tour?

Three people will be on your tour. They are a photographer, a stylist and an English interpreter.


When should we pay?

We ask you to pay a deposit before the shoot. With the deposit payment, you can schedule an appointment with our staff.

Please pay the balance at the time of fitting. If you do not have a fitting scheduled, please pay the balance at least two weeks in advance.

How we can pay?

We will make and email you an invoice for your deposit, which you can pay by oversea online bank transfer (Wise).

The remaining balance can be paid in cash or by Wise.

How much is the cancelation fee after the reservation is confirmed?

If you cancel, your deposit is non-refundable. Any other cancellation or postponement charges are subject to our cancellation policy.

Are there any additional charges?

It may cost if you have upgraded your costume class or if you have a special request.

If there are too many areas to correct in the photos, an additional fee may be charged.

Photo data

When will we receive the photo data after the shooting?

You will receive your data 3-4 weeks after the shoot. Please note that it may take longer when crowded.

How do I receive our photos?

We will email you a download link after the photos are completed. You will receive an email with a link to download the photos.

Can we order a photo album?

Yes. We have photo albums as an option. You can see some samples at the fitting and order it at that time.

Is it possible to modify the photo?

Simple modifications, such as slimming, can be done with no more than 10 photos.

Special modifications such as changing the color of the sky, making only the eyes extremely large, or compositing snow that has not fallen will incur an additional fee.