Pre-wedding plans

Plan Details

Gown You can select from approx. 50 wedding dresses, 20 evening dresses, 60 tuxedos, 30 kimonos within the package.
Accessories Dress style : Bouquet, shoes, head accessories (flower or tiara), necklace, earrings

Kimono style : kimono socks, fan, kimono shoes

Participant Photographer, beautician, interpreter attend your tour.
Photo Data We will send you download link after your tour.

Even if the number of photos is over the guaranteed, we don’t ask you extra fee for it.

  1. Dress choices: select from Wedding dress (white) or Evening dress (cocktail dress).
  2. Kimono choices: select from White kimono (Shiromuku) or Color kimono (Irouchikake).



Ask the price

Saikano Sato / Flowerland Kamifurano / Torinuma park / Hinode Park / and so on
Other places
We can go Otaru, Niseko and any other places in Hokkaido. Please ask the details.