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  • Hokkaido Pre-wedding photo tour.婚礼写真

    Pre-wedding Plans & Price

    You can select from some pre-wedding photo shooting plans with your gown's style.

  • Gown/wedding dress/evening dress/tuxedo/kimono

    Gown / Dress & Kimono

    We are partnerd with a specialty rental dress shop. You can select from many kinds of dresses & kimonos there.

  • Photo gallery of Hokkaido pre-wedding

    Photo Gallary

    Let's feel the hokkaido's atomosphere and great nature beauty.

  • hokkaido travel information

    Travel Information

    Weather information about Hokkaido.
    ・The season of Sakura (Cherry blossoms) ・Snow depth in hokkaido.

  • pre-wedding photo shooting flow

    Flow of photo shooging

    This is the flow of our photo shooting.
    Check this Flow to confirm your tour.

  • inqury of pre-wedding photo shooting


    If you have any inquiries about our photo shooting, please check this FAQ.